Why you need a wedding planner now more than ever

It’s no secret couples underestimate the time and effort that goes into planning their own wedding – just ask any newlywed bride. If you ask me, my answer is a resounding, “heck yes, girl.” You’re wondering if you need a wedding planner? I planned my own wedding even after completing my certification in wedding planning from the New York Institute of Art and Design. If there’s anyone who would’ve had everything under control it was me, right? 

Wrong. Being a bride is a lot of work on its own – parties, juggling expectations, communication –  and planning your own wedding is an added task that is completely underestimated . . . even when you’re a professional wedding planner.

Actually, a Minted study revealed the average time it takes to one, sole person to plan their own wedding is over 500 hours. That’s 66 eight-hour days devoted to wedding planning. You’re not alone if this number is intimidating – this is A B S U R D ! 

The reality is, the number of hours put into planning only rises when COVID-19 factors are added in. Couples now have to think about numerous new components:

  • Safety Measures: What safety measures are best for your wedding when considering your location, guests, and most importantly, you as a couple?
  • Budgeting for Extra Costs: Is catering going to cost more to allow for limited contact? Are there additional charges for the services you want to offer in light of COVID-19? How will you arrange the budget to pay for unexpected costs?
  • Vendor Selection: You may not be able to meet in person; will you feel comfortable booking someone and meeting virtually? How do the vendors you choose handle rescheduling due to COVID-19?
  • Plan B, and Plan C: Nobody knows what the future holds, but we have to be prepared for the “what-if’s.” Do you know all your options? 

Most importantly, couples have to determine how they’re going to have the wedding day they’ve dreamt of through restrictions and (so-called) “do’s” and “don’t’s.” Listen carefully: love is not canceled. You do not have to cancel, postpone or hold off on planning your wedding day. You have options that you may not even recognize. After working through the list above, my husband and I were able to have not one, but two perfect weddings. We never thought our original wedding date would be a private ceremony in a small botanical village, but we wouldn’t change it for the world, and our originally-planned wedding that came months later was worth the wait! 

Being a bride in 2020 is heartbreaking – believe me, I’ve been there, and I sit in that hurt with you, friend. But, my story is proof that joy and excitement about your fairytale wedding is right around the next corner. You do not have to organize your Plan A, Plan B and Plan C; let me take care of that for you. With a little creative expertise I can bring the wedding you’ve always wanted to life, safely and lovely. 

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