Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress and Veil Based on Your Venue

It can be difficult to choose the perfect wedding dress with so many different styles out there! Whether you are a bride that likes several kinds of dresses or a bride that has her heart set on a specific style, we detail how you can narrow (or broaden) your vision to choose the perfect dress that fits your wedding theme and venue. Here are some popular venue types paired with gown styles and matching veils.

1. Beach

Style(s): Nautical, Casual, Tropical, Bohemian

Our Recommendation:

Since you’ll probably get hot on the beach, we recommend either a strapless or sleeveless wedding dress. Mermaid or a-line shapes with a short train would be perfect so your gown doesn’t drag in the sand. Along with your dress, a chapel veil is great for a beach wedding. You can get stunning pictures of it blowing in the wind.

Picture credits: Rachel Garcia

2. Desert

Style(s): Bohemian, Southern-Inspired/Western

Our Recommendation:

Similar to a beach wedding, strapless or sleeveless dresses are perfect with the heat. We especially recommend those with an off-the-shoulder or halter neckline! If it’s not too hot, though, a long-sleeved a-line dress with lace detailing will have the perfect boho flair. Looking to add some Southern-inspired elements? Add a Western-style belt and/or wide-brimmed hat. And if you go without a hat, a fingertip wedding veil is perfect – the design on the back of any gown can easily be seen through the sheer fabric.

Picture credits: Getty Images/iStockphoto

3. Cathedral

Style(s): Formal/Traditional, Romantic, Vintage

Our Recommendation:

A formal/traditional dress will pair wonderfully with a cathedral or church wedding. A short or long sleeve a-line dress with lacing and intricate beadwork is our favorite for this venue. For the most regal entrance, of course, a traditional dress needs a matching cathedral wedding veil.

Picture credits: Ariel Min Photography

4. Garden

Style(s): Fairytale, Whimsical, Bohemian, Romantic

Our Recommendation:

To match the floral setting, you need an equally floral dress. We picture a whimsical, off-the-shoulder, a-line dress. A ball gown fit would also be beautiful in this kind of venue. You may even consider changing it up on the color, perhaps going for a champagne or blush-colored dress. To add to the fairytale/whimsical theme, we recommend adding a blusher wedding veil.

Picture credits:  ©Justin Hankins

5. Art Gallery

Style(s): Art Deco, Modern, Chic

Our Recommendation:

With the incredible history and beauty of an art museum setting for your wedding, we love something equally as breathtaking and avant-garde for the gown. Let the dress speak for itself with a unique ball gown. To not take away or compete with the details of your dress, we recommend a shoulder-length wedding veil to match.

Picture credit: Sara Rieth Photography

6. Barn

Style(s): Rustic, Fairytale, Romantic

Our Recommendation:

We recommend staying away from any dress that is extremely poofy, tulley, or lacey – it’s easy to snag on unfinished wood on tables or pillars. Instead, a simple and chic dress will look beautiful against the backdrop of a rustic barn. To add a little bit of detail to the look, include a waltz wedding veil with lace or pearl detailing.

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