Rene and Dan’s Garden Wedding

Rene and Dan’s romantic day flowed effortlessly from  the garden wedding to a rooftop skyline dream. Excitement and anticipation swelled throughout the morning as we all waited for the moment Dan saw Rene as she walked down the aisle. 

Rene and Dan are two of the most thoughtful people we’ve been lucky to work with. From beginning to end, their day was designed around guest experience. At the ceremony, the couple chose to forgo the traditional, hierarchy order for a happenstance arc of love around them at the altar. I was amazed how such a little tweak could change the entire mood; throwing out a planned “order” left the altar space with a feeling of raw, unconditional love. 

Weddings with multiple locations can sometimes need a little creativity in timing. We had a break between the garden wedding and rooftop reception, so we created a social hour on the lawn, complete with oversized lawn games and beverages. 

The intimate affair – 85 gusts – allowed everyone to truly take part in the wedding. We continued the feeling of effortless charm by opting for unassigned seating at a mix of cocktail, patio and lounge tables.

“Take a plant, leave a plant.” 

Instead of gifts, Rene and Dan asked everyone to bring a small potted plant. We arranged these around the reception space as decor, fitting perfectly with our outdoor, garden theme. Once they arrived, Rene and Dan gave a touching welcome, relating love to the plants. They invited everyone to take home a plant as a reminder that our relationships, too, need love, care and intention to grow. 

Rene and Dan deserved every bit of love poured out for them on their best day ever. These two people have come together to create one of the most loving and selfless unions we’ve seen.  Witnessing their marriage was truly an honor. Cheers to the newlyweds – may you happily spend forever together! 

The Wedding Day Team

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