Nicole and Sida’s Downtown Wedding

The Niulyweds tied the knot on July 3, 2021. Nicole and Sida truly had smiles this big throughout the entire day – and it was contagious! My cheeks were just as tired as my feet at the end of the day from a celebration filled with laughter and excitement. 

It was a warm summer day without a cloud in the sky. As the men and women got ready at the Westin, we shuffled their things from room to room, gauging the excitement of this long awaited day. The men always had a witty joke to crack as we came and left, and the women were all smiles as they pepped Nicole up for the day ahead. We couldn’t help but catch those giddy giggles, too.


As I drove Nicole to St. Agnes Catholic Parish, walking down the aisle and marrying Sida was the only thing on her mind. No nerves, no anxieties, she was ready to see her husband for the first time at the altar and make it official.The response she got from Sida was the look every little girl longs for from her prince charming. He was overcome with the sight of his bride, his best friend, his new forever. And she was absolutely stunning.

One thing is for sure: this group knows how to party! As the ceremony and pictures wrapped up, a sense of celebration flooded the air and the bridal party loaded the luxury party bus. They traveled around downtown KCMO taking pictures, partying it up and celebrating the Niulyweds. Oh, and you can’t forget photogenic Bella who made a surprise appearance. Yes, she grabbed a petal from her dad’s boutonniere and posed for a picture. Even wedding planners can’t plan that level of perfection! 

28 Event Space’s Kansas City Room is the epitome of the downtown-styled wedding. From the mural filling the entire wall to the patio and floating lights, the space is filled with KC charm. After drinks, dinner and desert, the toasts made it clear who the Niu couple really is. 

Nicole’s dad and sister reminisced on her commitment and perseverance. I mean, the girl trained for her first marathon ever and qualified for Boston. Her dad noted, and everyone in the room could tell, she pours that same commitment into her relationship with Sida every single day. Sida’s best man explained that, while there are many goofy sides to Sida, the best by far is the meaning of his name, the bright new star. He said he didn’t know if Sida was just pulling people’s legs whenever he brought it up (Sida’s mom piped up, confirming, “no, it’s true!”), but it was the best way to explain Sida’s ability to light up a room with enthusiastic positivity.

The most touching part of the night, for me, was Sida’s toast to the two most important women in his life: his mom, Shan, and Nicole. His mom left everything, including her family and great career in China to bring Sida to America, seeking an opportunistic life for her son. Sida teared up as he felt the weight of that selfless sacrifice she made for him, and he gave her credit for the very accomplished man he is today. Then, he turned to Nicole and vowed to pursue her with the same selfless sacrifice through their marriage. There’s no exaggeration when I say hearts were touched by the end of that toast.

After his toast, Sida invited Nicole to the dance floor, where they spun and flipped, yes, flipped, flawlessly kicking off the party. Lost Wax, the live band they chose, added a special element to the reception with their unique ability to get even the introverts out of their seats and onto the dance floor with their party music mash-ups. 

Nicole and Sida waited six extra months for this dream of a day. When COVID-19 threatened to turn their January 1 wedding into a smaller, intimate affair, they traded New Years for Fourth of July weekend. The importance of having all their guests celebrating with them was the priority. And, clearly, the Nius do not have to search far to find people who love them dearly. The reception space was packed full of over 200 family members and friends committed to celebrating Nicole and Sida’s love story.

If there’s one word that comes to mind when describing the Niu couple’s love, it’s relentless. There’s nothing that could slow the compassion, commitment or momentum of bringing this beautiful union to life during the wedding planning process. Nicole and Sida pursue each other with an eager, relentless love, and their wedding day was only Exhibit A. 

Nicole and Sida, we’ll be here cheering you on throughout marriage, celebrating your milestones with you. Melissa and I were honored to be part of such a special day that won’t be forgotten. Thank you for trusting us to bring your best day ever to life – we love you guys! 

Yours truly,

Erica Jordan

The Wedding Day Team

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  1. Erica! This is an amazing blog and this perfect day was made possible because of your perfection and enthusiasm! Thank you for making Nicole and Sida’s wedding a Dream come True!

    Nicole’s mom,

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