Julie & Matt’s Natural Charm Wedding

Matt and Julie joined our second-wedding, same-love-story club on August 21, 2021. Their first, intimate wedding was held on the same day a year before, marking 365 days of anticipation for the big celebration. Instead of settling for just the intimate affair, the couple was committed to the big reception they dreamed of – and their love absolutely stole the show at the natural-charm wedding.

The wedding party got ready at Julie and Matt’s house. This was a fitting location to start wedding day 2.0, because they had their intimate ceremony in their home last year. Julie was able to relax in her own domain as she was pampered with hair and make-up, and her family and bridal party served as the ultimate hype team. The best parts of getting ready in your own space are the intimate details you can’t get anywhere else… like portraits with your fur baby, Percy! 

Calvary Lutheran Church is a stunning setting for a Lutheran wedding. Ancona Floral decorated the church with large statement pieces inside and out. A large floral swag draped over the entrance, and tall, natural floral arrangements graced the altar. And, in true Erica Jordan fashion, we repurposed all of these arrangements at the reception, looking brand new! One of my favorite parts of the day was Julie and Matt’s church exit. Instead of seeds or bubbles, the guests threw dried flower petals in celebration as the newlyweds seemed to just glide down the steps to their get-away transportation.

The reception space Julie and Matt chose is the definition of natural charm. Magnolia Venue and Urban Garden‘s exposed brick and hanging greenery was the perfect compliment to the tablescapes created by Diane Traczewski. Small detail decisions, like leaving the rustic, wooden head-tables exposed rather than using linens, brought romantic character into the naturally elegant space. 

Creating tablescapes with faux greenery allowed the the live florals from the ceremony to shine a second time on the head table. Transporting these large arrangements and repurposing loose floral for the dessert table was one of our favorite magic-making moments of the day as coordinators!

True to their do-it-different wedding style, Julie and Matt served LaMar’s donuts instead of wedding cake! The elegant plating and presentation of the dessert table created a timeless display of the delicious donuts. 

As they made their entrance into the reception, Mr. and Mrs. Seeley made their way to the donut table to “cut the cake,” feeding each other donuts and twirling down to the dance floor.

Waiting a year to share this day with family and friends left Matt and Julie with a strong desire to prioritize the guests on their wedding day. Throughout the planning process, I was humbled by the thought and care Julie put into making sure family and friends got plenty of time with the two of them. After the recessional at the church, the newlyweds walked back down the aisle to dismiss guests, pew-by-pew, ensuring everyone got a piece of their time. 

Later, Matt and Julie ate a private dinner in the urban garden during cocktail hour, allowing them to spend time with their guests during dinner. And the year-long anticipation was reciprocated in their guests’ celebration! Excitement was on display all night as family and friends of all ages (yes, dance circles of itty-bitty ones even formed!) surrounded the couple with love on their “finally!” day. 

I didn’t see this smile leave Julie’s face all day, and that’s truly our inspiration! The Seeleys approached the wedding day focused only on their love and everlasting marriage, allowing all the details to be handled by their vendor team. Seeing love come to life through their happiness together is why we do what we do.

Cheers to Matt and Julie, newlyweds again!  

The Wedding Day Team

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