Alyssa & Jack’s Classic Romance

Romance filled the air as Alyssa and Jack said “I do” to forever. These two thought about every single detail for their classic wedding. Each element lent to the overarching theme of delicate class. From bridal shoes to custom cufflinks, each aspect fit like puzzle pieces to create a memorable design suite.

The wedding’s design was complete with acrylic elements, satin and crepe, delicate bows, and Baby’s Breath tying it all together. Alyssa put her own touch on each of her details, down to a personalized letter addressed to each table’s guests. The dreamy aesthetic is the perfect example of meticulous design feeling simple and effortless. 

Alyssa and Jack’s ceremony was nothing short of beautiful. The rain shower that passed over us before brought the temperature down, created an overcast sky and left us nice and dry. Pastor Andy reminded us of God’s faithfulness when invited into a marriage: we don’t have to hike to an extraction point when things get tough. He is there, giving us grace and breathing life into our marriages at the lowest points. Such a reminder of what it looks like to show Jesus’ love to your spouse.

To kick off the reception, we created an Opening Sequence: grand entrance, cake cutting, champagne tower pour, and first dance. It was truly a spotlight moment! This was another aspect of the day intricately designed, yet effortlessly executed. We created a floor plan that allowed for a natural flow between each movement, and it built momentum to the dance floor.


I loved how every aspect of the day had a little touch of Alyssa and Jack. It was so clear how much they cared about the family and friends who came out to support them in kicking off married life. Cocktail hour sported custom bride and groom drinks, and they had a photo booth where they encouraged guests to leave pictures in the guest book. But my favorite? The personalized letters left for each and every table. Not only addressed to the table, but each note was filled with names of those guests and what the couple appreciated about them (printed beautifully in the overarching design suite, I might add).

There’s a reason I titled this article with “romance” instead of “wedding.” Sometimes weddings just radiate a feeling, from start to finish. In this case, true romance won the day. The kind of feeling that makes you want to squeeze your date’s hand a little tighter or rush to the dance floor when the music slows its tempo. And it’s clear, looking back, that Alyssa and Jack’s genuine love for each other was the fuel to the fire.

Congratulations, Lanhams! Thank you for letting us be a part of your best day ever. Cheers, newlyweds!

The Wedding Day Team

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