2021 Wedding Trends

When we all expected a new age of roaring-twenties weddings, 2020 forced the industry to reimagine weddings all together. After a year of being cooped up, planning and replanning, one thing is clear: subtlety is s0 2020! Couples are going for bold, reimagined weddings this year, and the traditional wedding rulebook has been thrown out the window. Here’s what we can expect to see as 2021 wedding trends.

1. Bold florals

The crisp, white flowers surrounded by lush greenery has been a classic wedding staple, but vibrant color choices will be in full bloom this year. We’ll see deep fall floral bouquets all year long; rich burgundies, warm, burnt oranges, and this year’s Pantone color of the year, Illuminating Yellow. Don’t worry, the blush and white blossoms aren’t gone for good. They are pefect compliments to the bold 2021 picks.

While there will be *plenty* wildflower bouquets this year, classic elegance isn’t dead! There’s still room for the dreamy, timeless wedding theme so many brides are after; think colored roses and big peonies.

2. Locally-driven vendor selection

The economic impact of COVID-19 has couples flocking to local vendors to support small businesses in their community. Beyond support, trust carries a heavier weight than ever before. Couples must find vendors they trust with necessary safety measures, dependability, and flexibility. The current social climate we live in also leaves some couples seeking vendors who share their beliefs and values.

3. Goodbye, unassigned seating

Let’s face it, guests who are uneasy about that “yes” RSVP want to know who they’ll be interacting with on your big day. 2021 weddings will feature assigned seating to keep families and friends together and safe. We’ll see weddings that feature smaller, intimate tables rather than long, banquet-style tables.

4. Trading the buffet for family style

While plated meals remain a favored option, smaller versions of the buffet will make their debut as the best cost-effective option. Going hand-in-hand with assigned seating at intimate tables, family style is essentially a buffet shared with only those at your table. Not only does this offer less contact, but it’s a way to make the wedding a little more personal for your guests.

5. Reimagined dresses and colors

As one of the most popular 2021 wedding trends, bold fabrics are here to stay. Bridesmaids dresses in velvet and silky charmeuse are rising in popularity, demanding the traditional bridesmaid dress to be reimagined. 

While blush, champagne and neutral color palettes aren’t going away, there’s a new tone in town, and her name is intensity! 2021 is trading pastels for vibrant choices. 

Spring will be full of slate blue and sage green, but blush is still be a popular color choice. We’ll see blossom pink and vibrant lilac pop throughout summer. Autumn will bring  2021’s most prominent picks: rusty orange, olive green, and deep violet. Winter weddings call for rich burgundy and (our favorite!) emerald green.

6. Smaller, more pampered guest lists

As sweet as intimate ceremonies were, they’re not staying longer than necessary. However, we’ve all been reminded of the importance of personal relationships, and it’s flowing into wedding planning. We’ll see more couples skip the big, 200+ guest count for the ability to be intentional with their best relationships. Inviting the most important people allows you to spend more per person, pampering them on your big day.

7. Elopements, outdoor and under cover

Elopements are in higher demand than years past; I think we can all agree a trip sounds pretty dang nice! While outdoor weddings have been climbing in popularity, 2021 will prove to be no different. Most ceremonies will be held outside where weather and venue allow. Covered venues and tents are back in style as the most creative way to create space between guests. 

What do you think?

Whether you chase the trends or run in the opposite direction, your big day is all about what you want. Own it! What does your 2021 wedding look like? 

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